Breathtaking Read — Already Gone

“Do You Believe in LIFE AFTER DEATH..?”
A Mystery/Spiritual E-Book -Far Beyond Anything You Can Imagine…”.FIVE STAR RATINGS AND FEEDBACK FROM READERS



Review — Already Gone, A Passage to the Other Side and Back.

Already Gone – A Passage to the Other Side and back.
The novel has already received feedback from readers, with one recent customer commenting, “What a creative and deep-messaged masterpiece. I simply could not put it down from the moment I started reading it. I am a very spiritual person who completely believes in reincarnation & a spiritual realm, so to find a great story that explores and touches on all of the facets of life after death was truly a great find for me! Not only does the story deliver on the mechanics of this life or death premise, it also presents great metaphorical imagery and irony that really should give one pause to stop and think before taking the notion of an afterlife, or being reborn, too lightly. All-in-all I thought this was a great story and absolutely loved the author’s style of writing. So if you enjoy exploring stories surrounding an afterlife, and have been looking for a good book to put on your winter reading list, then I highly recommend this book. I think you will love it just as much as I did.”

Do you believe in Life after Death? Marcus Reno didn’t.

Do you believe in life after death? Marcus Reno didn’t. That’s all just nonsense as far as he was concerned. Such a shame too as he has reincarnated many times. But Marcus didn’t believe in reincarnation. “That’s just New Age crap,” he often said. Besides, he certainly didn’t want to suffer to pay back all the bad karma he had accumulated in life.

At the time of his death he didn’t believe in an Afterlife, so he didn’t experience one. Activities were going on around him, but he wasn’t able to perceive them. Floating out of his body, he entered a velvety, peaceful darkness where there was nothing – nothing at all – until he met Sumantra and learned LIFE’S GREATEST SECRET. Then he did the most incredible thing – he went back to the physical world he just left to complete what he came to Earth to experience this time.

Along the way, he learned that we are much more than our physical bodies and that his particular life as Marcus Reno was only one of an infinite number that his soul could experience. He realized that suffering and disease arise when our consciousness forgets its immortality and starts to believe that our current life experience, in the world of space and time, is all there is. And he learned that there is no such thing as karmic debt and that suffering is not good for the soul unless it teaches you how to stop suffering. He discovered all that and much, much more.